Sex doesn’t suck. You might be doing it wrong

If you consistently have bad sex. It is a problem. If you keep ‘picking’ bad partners. It is a problem.

If you have negative views of sex. That’s a problem.

Hate sex. Might be a problem.

Good for you. You have come to the right place.

Sex is neither good nor bad. Okay, I might be just exaggerating just a little bit.

Good sex is great. Bad sex is pretty fucking terrible.

The key to good sex is being honest, healthy (physically, emotionally and mentally) and have partner(s) who are just as happy to have sex with you.

(That helps tremendously)

But, the first step to good sex (and good relationships) is to have a GREAT relationship with yourself.

Simple right?


Do you know how many people are just out here doing dumb shit and don’t have a clue and don’t think the problem is them?

Well, you can’t fix what you don’t think is broken. Hell, a broken watch is right twice a day.

But we aren’t talking about watches. We are talking about you have good and healthy relationships (sex and otherwise)

Here are 3 tricks to figuring out if you are not doing so well in the relationship/sex department

First, Your last 3 relationship or relationship make you cringe when you think about them.

Yea, you might want to take a step back and reflect on what the hell happened.

Second, What the hell did you SEE in them in first place?

Good bodies are great to look at. Not so good for the long term. Bodies, like beauty fades but stupid is irritating as hell after 10 minutes.

Third, Get some damn therapy.

Yep, go see a professional trained in helping people mentally or emotionally. That means not blowing up your best friends phones complaining about your dating life. They love you but they are tired of hearing about you being the CEO and President of Team Bad Decision, Inc. Save their ears and fingers and just pay a professional.

I did forget to mention the fourth step.

Come back and read this blog. I won’t charge you but trust me, you’ll gain some perspective or at least be entertained while you start getting your act together.